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 Tai - Socerer [Self Approved]

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Webmaster/Elite Sorcerer

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Tai - Socerer [Self Approved] Empty
PostSubject: Tai - Socerer [Self Approved]   Tai - Socerer [Self Approved] I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 29, 2009 6:59 am





Spells:Will be posted later.


Armor: Create in Armor Registration.

Weapons: Create in Weapon Registration.

Pet(s): Create in Pet Registration.

Personality:Tai is a very wise, but funny young Sorcerer. His people can age to the thousands, making him only roughly fifteen right now. He likes to crack jokes, use sarcasm, and make fun of life. He isn't like his people though, not wanting revenge on the Humans in Earth. Times are good right now. And he needs to make sure they stay that way.

History/Background:Tai was born around the time humans had to go to Anathesia, and he grew on Anathesia. He got use to this place, and doesn't want to leave it. However, more, and more of his people want to go back to Earth to get revenge on Humans. For Humans, are the reason they had to leave. Tai is now working to hard to master his magery, and become the Sorcerer that has the power to save his world. It's on.

Desired Rank: Elite.
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Tai - Socerer [Self Approved]
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