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 Pet Template - Make a Seperate Topic.

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PostSubject: Pet Template - Make a Seperate Topic.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:22 am


[b]Name of Pet:[/b]What do you it, or him/her? ;D Nah, but really what's it's name. Answer this correctly or you get denied.

[b]Animal:[/b]What kind of Animal is it? Be realistic. There's no way you can have a dragon for a pet. Remember, the world's magical, so make up your own animal.

[b]Description:[/b]Describe what it looks like...EXPLAIN! Pictures also taken. ._.

[b]Abilities:[/b]What can your pet do that others can't? Ie. Dragon's can spew flames from their massive jaw.

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Pet Template - Make a Seperate Topic.
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