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 Werewolves Info.

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PostSubject: Werewolves Info.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:10 pm

Werewolves are a dynamic combination of modern day human and a wild Wolf. By a default breed of Evolution, the Werewolf was formed. They have the power to spread in two different ways:
- Mating: Yes, like any mamal, the Werewolf can mate with another Werewolf or a Human. A Pure-Breed will be stronger than a Half-Breed from the start, but as they mature, the Half-Breed can surpass the Pure by training harder. Of course that, amongst this race, being a Pure-Breed has its perks... And a Half-Breed is always underestimated by the Pure.
- DNA Junction: A Werewolf can spread his race by this peculiar method. When they bite or have their own blood mixed with that of a human, the werewolf's DNA will "attack" the human's and alter it, there being a 24 hour Initiation. The Initiation is a Human's first step into the world of the Werewolves.

Werewolves are said to have determined skills that differ from normal wolves or normal modern day people. Werewolves have better agility, super-human strength and senses far beyond that of both species. They also have the ability to fuse their DNA with a victim. This alters the victim's DNA to make them a Werewolf too, also letting the Werewolf who did it live. Their fur is thicker, meaning stronger, than that of a normal wolf and they havea keener eye on their surroundings. As explained earlier, their senses are developed to a whole other level a human or wolf can only dream of.

The current Head Werewolf is Kobe, while the others are said to be nameless.
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Werewolves Info.
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