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 Thyreus Adenar - Werewolf [WIP]

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Thyreus Adenar
Rogue Werewolf/Administrator
Rogue Werewolf/Administrator

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PostSubject: Thyreus Adenar - Werewolf [WIP]   Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:45 pm

Name: Thyreus Adenar

Age: 73

Sex: Man in White: "What is this?!" Thyreus: "It's a boy!"

Race: Werewolf

Appearance: Avatar...

Armor: Nerzira

Weapons: Toru

Pet(s): Pirilampo

Personality: Thyreus is a careless and cool guy. He is the rebel type, an outlaw who serves noone but himself and his instincts. The Adenar is a proud man that sees it hard for a person who has mocked him to come out of a conflict alive. Thyreus has a cocky and confident personality, however he is joking most of the times. He is a very laid back guy and prefers relaxing other than fighting. Despite all this, he has a high sense of honor and loyalty towards his closest friends.

History/Background: Not much is known about Thyreus. Some say he simply "popped up" out from nowhere. He is a Werewolf, rebel for that fact, who pledged his loyalty towards the Sorcerer Tai.. It is a shame that nothing is known on this young man, for his tenacity and resolve in battle are compared to that of the Pure-Bloods. Yes, his mother was a human. [small on purpose, for RP-Development ^_^]

Desired Rank: Thyreus is an outcasted Werewolf. He was welcomed by Tai, who taught him much. He is now the Guardian of this man.
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Webmaster/Elite Sorcerer
Webmaster/Elite Sorcerer

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PostSubject: Re: Thyreus Adenar - Werewolf [WIP]   Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:45 am

OK.. Approved.
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Thyreus Adenar - Werewolf [WIP]
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