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 Tsumi Taoreta -W.I.P-

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Tsumi Taoreta

Tsumi Taoreta

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PostSubject: Tsumi Taoreta -W.I.P-   Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:18 pm

Name: Tsumi Taoreta

Age:about 300 years old but looks 15





Armor: a simple robe

Weapons: ---

Pet(s): ---

Personality: to most people Tsumi is a cold hearted person that cares about no one but himself. but when around his friends he will do what ever it takes to keep them safe.

History/Background: Tsumi was born 300 years ago to a very powerful sorcerer and equally powerful Sorceress. When tsumi was born he immediately showed powers of the gift of magic by congering up small stuffed animal. As time went by he began training in the art of magic. He learned many different spells and very quickly, one day after he thought he had mastered the death spell his father had showed him he wanted to show his mother and father. Though sadly he lost control of the spell and killed everyone in the room but himself. After that day Tsumi began training alone and never showing anyone what he could do unless it was needed.

Tsumi had few friends do to the fact he almost never left his home. The first friend he ever had he got while in participating in the Elite Sorcerer test. the both of them had passed the test with perfect scores and thought that they where the best sorcerers of there time. They began flaunting there power by showing how powerful they truly where to anyone how dares stand in there way. One day a sorceress just as powerful as them if not stronger showed up and decided to show the two of them a thing or two about true respect. that involved her challenging the both of them to a duel. the toy boys had laughed at the girl and told her she had no chance. But they chose to accept and take pity on her. The two boys started out doing great but when one of the boy's spells backfired and hit his friend tsumi was enraged and began firing random spells at the sorceress. Tsumi's friend died that day because tsumi was too worried about his ego to heal his friend instead of ending the fight. After his friends death tsumi fled back to his room and stayed there for many centuries perfecting his magic. when he finally came out he hadn't seamed to have aged at all. but metal he was much older then he was all those years ago and he was much stronger. His powers rivaled that of the head Sorcerer but he refused to take the rank, no matter how many times he was asked.

Desired Rank: Elite Sorcerer
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Webmaster/Elite Sorcerer
Webmaster/Elite Sorcerer

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PostSubject: Re: Tsumi Taoreta -W.I.P-   Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:55 pm

Approved. -Locking.-
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Tsumi Taoreta -W.I.P-
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