Enter the world unseen by mortal eye, and the true story of life shall be foretold. All fantasies become realized, and your imagination is at it's peak.
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 Ivy [Not Finished..I Think]

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Administrator/ Elf/ Elf Queen
Administrator/ Elf/ Elf Queen

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PostSubject: Ivy [Not Finished..I Think]   Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:58 pm


Age:117 ;D I look good for my age, don’t I.


Race: Vampire

Spells:(I’ll figure this one out later)

Appearance: Always as a pale, quite striking woman, with hair as white as her skin. (Okay, let’s just look at my siggy. And You’ll get the picture)

Armor: Create in Armor Registration.

Weapons: Create in Weapon Registration.

Pet(s): Create in Pet Registration.

Personality: A good paragraph in length.

History/Background: One to two good paragraphs in length.

Desired Rank: Vampy Queen?
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Ivy [Not Finished..I Think]
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