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 Towashin the Vampire

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PostSubject: Towashin the Vampire   Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:28 pm

Name:Towashin some call him Towa

Age:170 but look 17





Armor: Create in Armor Registration.

Weapons: Create in Weapon Registration.

Pet(s): Create in Pet Registration.

Personality: A good paragraph in length.

History/Background: Towashin wasn't alawys a vampire infact he didn't even know they existed until 153 years ago he was just 17 when he was turned into a vampire by another vamp. He was scarred he didn't know what to do till he had this craving for....for... blood. He couldn't control it and he sucked his mom dad brother and sister dry. He was on a blood thirsty ramapage he tried to control it but could so he left the town in which he lived in and left his families body there to rot he now lives in a small cave where hardly anyone goes. Towashin still feeds on human blood but now he can control it more than he ever had before.

Desired Rank: vampire prince
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Towashin the Vampire
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