Enter the world unseen by mortal eye, and the true story of life shall be foretold. All fantasies become realized, and your imagination is at it's peak.
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 Nico Di' Angelo

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Nico Di' Angelo

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PostSubject: Nico Di' Angelo   Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:11 pm

Name:Nico Di' Angelo




Information:Demigods are children born of a mortal parent and one of the 12 Olympian Gods. Demigods can use powers that derive from their god parents powers, but not to such a powerful extent as their parent. They also suffer however from what is known as their "Fatal Flaw" which is the most distinguished habit that the god parent had. Demigods are also battle ready and battle smart due to their greek heritage and its bloodly past. Demigods are often Dyslexic and ADHD because of this battle ready attitude.They sometimes are fooled by a substance called "The Mist". Mist is the magical field that blocks the real images of monsters and certain items and places to human eyes. Since Demigods are half human they sometimes cannot surpass the Mist and see what the true Image of someone is. Also Demigods are like magnets for monsters who love the scent of a Demigod. They are perfectly capable of being killed by human weapons as well as even more weak against celestial bronze, a metal that can kill monsters, demigods, and gods alike if you have the skill. Also most Demigods aren't claimed by their god parent so they can sometimes go their whole life without ever knowing. The only strong Demigods are those born of the big 3 gods: Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades.


Undead Summon-He summons a number of the undead to aid him in battle. The highest number he can go to without killing himself is 12.

Stygian Craftsmanship-Stygian is the magical process of taking onyx ore from the underworld and smithing it into items, armor, or weapons. The workpiece is cooled in Styx, the river that separates the human realm from the underworld realm.

Ice, Onyx, and Obsidian Manipulation-This is his ability to manipulate the 3 elements that closest resemble the Underworld. This manipulation is very limited however and he can only usually do one task at a time with only one element at a time.

Undead Dismissal-He can dismiss or send the untamed undead back to the Underworld where they belong. This hardly takes any focus or energy from his body to do.


Armor: Styx's Wrappings.

Weapons: Lethe's Kiss and Backbiter.

Pet(s): Oblivion

Personality: Nico is a child of Hades and as such has a very sullen and dark attitude. He tries to help as much as he can but when it comes down to it he knows he isn't accepted. He gets angry sometimes that his father claimed him because of the natural habit of people and the gods to ignore a child of Hades making for a lonely life. He sometimes gets a maddening feeling of revenge and often wont stop till he gets it. This is the fatal flaw of Children of Hades.

History/Background:When he was born he lived a normal life till the age of 11. A Fury who tried to disguise herself as his english teacher tried to kill him because she sensed he was a Demigod. Not knowing what to do or what to think he panicked and raised his hands in defense. When he did this a huge obsidian spire rose from the ground and blocked the Fury. He ran as far as he could, having just had alot of his energy drained. He collapsed in an alleyway and later found by his father. Normally the gods don't care much for their children past using them as tools to complete missions for them or quests. However the surge of power he felt led him straight to the Fury who had been avoiding him for years. In return for helping him, whether he knew it or not, he would return him to his home where he would claim him, and where both his parents explained to him what had happened.

After this occurrence he went into the Underworld to be taught how to fight and keep himself alive. He trained from the age of 12, waiting one year to spend with his mother before his trip. He soon completed the rigorous months and found that there were other Demigod children like him who had the same problems. Though he always seemed rejected or never understood. He later found out in another attack that once a Demigod realized what they were they scent to monsters became even stronger. He had several more attacks. After a life of battling and being shunned he grew cold and distant. He had disappeared for quiet some time, only his father Hades truthfully knowing where he was. After many more years he turned 17 and out of the blue decided the dead and ghosts of Elysium could no longer keep him company. He ventured back out of to the surface and began his journey anew.

Desired Rank: Elite Demigod

(Just in Case others see my profile and decide they would like to be a Demigod.)

Elite Demigod-This is a child who has either been claimed by one of the big three gods:Poseidon, Zeus, or Hades, has mastered the powers to their limits and has the skills to show it, or shows both of these.

Hero-A Demigod who has considerable skills of great power and can manage to stay alive without help.

Novice Demigod-This is a Demigod who still needs help but is capable of using some powers and killing monsters with team effort.

Orphaned Demigod-This is a Demigod that has yet to even be claimed by their god parent and thus has no powers and relies heavily on others to keep them safe, only having a few fighting skills.
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Nico Di' Angelo
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