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 Kriss (Type of Dagger)

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Nico Di' Angelo

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PostSubject: Kriss (Type of Dagger)   Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:41 pm

Name:Lethe's Kiss


Appearance:Lethe's kiss is a larger type of dagger known as a Kriss. It has a blade that is curved multiple times like a snakes body with a dark, sickly, green looking metal that glows slightly. The handle is of a pure white, hard bone material. The overall length of the dagger, blade and handle, is about 1 foot and 5 inches.

History/Background:This was a gift made for Nico by his father Hades after he completed a mission. Hades took a section of his cheek bone and dipped it in the river Lethe. When he pulled it out of the Lethe it became a dagger. It took on a sickly green color and the blade curved like a snake. This curve of the blade was to remind him of his success. He had completed a quest for his father, a certain elder python demon had dared to climb out of Tartarus and start chasing the undead out of the Underworld causing a good mess of things. He killed the snake and was thus rewarded.

Abilities:Lethe's Kiss has a sort of poison enchantment on it when it was made. The river Lethe is used in the Underworld greatly. It's water when drunk by the souls of the dead cause them to forget their past memories and life, so that if they are reincarnated they won't be tortured by past memories. Other reasons are so that the souls become mechanical like and emotionless. This is to make their judgment in the Underworld easier.

After having been dipped in the river Lethe it took on this property. The poison works slow but if he cuts up his enemy enough they will eventually fall into a emotionless, mechanical shell of their former self. This makes it very dangerous for his opponents. The first effects of the poison are a tendency to be reckless and not care about defending themselves or getting cut, the second effects are forgetting how to attack and in more serious cases other things like their name and past memories, and the final and third effects is an overall shut down of reaction, emotion, and decision making. Normally the poison only reaches the first stage because the opponent died from either defeat, or blood loss due to disregarding a defensive tactic.
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Kriss (Type of Dagger)
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