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 Hook Sword (Type of Sword)

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Nico Di' Angelo

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PostSubject: Hook Sword (Type of Sword)   Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:18 pm


Type:Hook Sword is a type of sword with various hooked talons along the backside of the blade that are used for ripping out extra flesh when pulling the sword out of someone.

Appearance:The blade itself is about 5 feet long. One side of the blade is celestial bronze, the metal that is deadly to monsters, demigods, and gods. The other side of the blade however is Stygian Metal which is black and cold to the touch. The handle is made of very sturdy wood that is wrapped with dragon hide for extra grip.

History/Background:Backbiter is a very ominous blade partly because it is the fusing of two dangerous metals. Nico himself made the blade smithing together celestial bronze and stygian metal. The stygian metal was made by extracting the metal out of onyx ore and cooling it in water from the river of Styx. The river of Styx normally has powers of immortality but when used to make weapons, the powers shift to the opposite effect. He then had to cool the blade as a whole in blood, a ritual that is always used for fusing two of such metals.

Abilities:Backbiter has the ability to drain small amounts of the life source of opponents upon cutting, stabbing or any separation of flesh by the blade. This is because when Stygian metal is created for weapons it takes on the opposite effects of the river in which it was created, water from the River Styx. Thanks to the celestial bronze most of the lesser and moderate monsters don't last more than a few minutes with this blade. Stygian metal also has an icy attribute about it due to the metals nature and the place in which it comes from. Therefore some cuts can also form frostbite on the skin if the blade gets in deep enough.
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Hook Sword (Type of Sword)
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