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 Cloak and Hood

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Nico Di' Angelo

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PostSubject: Cloak and Hood   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:46 pm

Name:Styx's Shadow Wrappings

Description:The armor is simple. Black and gray cloak and hood.

History/Background:Nico soaked the wool for making these clothes in the river Styx. After the wool was soaked for an entire week he took them to Athena, the goddess of inventions, wisdom, and technology. Among these are the spinning wheel in which Athena loves. He completed several tasks for her and in return she spun the wool into a cloak and small hood.

Abilities:For a cloak and hood one might think it to be useful only in situations where you need to move fast and silent. In this case you'd only be partially right. When the water from the river Styx is used to make armor instead of weapons it gains the Rivers Original powers. River of Styx has natural powers of invincibility. The cloak and hood isn't invincible but it has become very fortified. It can withstand the elements very well and will not wear away on its on. It will need to be ripped by great force and strength to tear it. Also as a nice bonus it seems the colors don't fade.
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Cloak and Hood
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