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 Basic Rules...

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Webmaster/Elite Sorcerer

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PostSubject: Basic Rules...   Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:50 pm

Casual Rules:
1.)No offensive Language, please. (Ie. F*ck, Nigger, Rapist, Molestor, Bastard, or racist.)
2.)Mind yourself, before we take your membership away.
3.)Moderators can/will be overpowered by the Administrators, and Admins will be overpowered by the Webmaster.
4.)Don't be a hero, everyone can be one, so there's no point.
5.)All Sex, Pornography, and Hentai is not allowed. The Bots will find it, and delete the site. So please, any sex, or R-rated things must be taken to PMs.

Administrators & Moderators Rules:
1.)You will not make anyone an Admin, or Mod without referring to me beforehand. This is to make sure the Admins aren't terrible.
2.)Mods, if the Admins say do it! Admins, same for me, if I say something, please do it.
3.)If there are any problems, PM me, so I may lend a hand.
4.)The Mods, and Admins are to be spoken to about questions and issues---not me! Speak to Mods first, and if they can't help, speak to Admins.
5.)Mods, remember to actually 'help' members. I don't care if it's annoying with the PMs, it's your job to do it, so do it. You guys have to check the Registrations, so remember to check it.

C-Box Rules:
1.)If I must, I will say it offensive language shall be allowed!
2.) begging for C-Box Mod.
3.)Do not God-mod(Post more than three posts in the C-Box that have nothing to do with the topic of conversation).
4.)C-Box Mods, be sure to act responsible. You have the right to ban, or kick as seen necessary. But, please...try not to overdo things, or overreact.
5.)Do not make anyone a C-Box mod unless you ask me first.
6.)Keep it PG-13, meaning nothing R-rated. Take that stuff to PMs.
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Basic Rules...
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